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This project had many facets.  What started out as a little reworking for a kitchen soon turned into a rethink of access to the Master Suite and the reconfiguration of it as well.  The problems the clients had with their house were the result of an earlier addition that didn’t take proper consideration of circulation patterns.  We proposed a small addition to push the kitchen outside of the circulation, making it an autonomous space that functions as a working kitchen for entertaining as well as regular daily use.  We also removed a portion of the roof over the new kitchen/circulations space to allow the installation of clerestory windows that now allow light to flood into the space that was once so dark, enclosed and uninspiring.  The remodel of the Master Suite included demolishing the closets and bathroom and reconfiguring them to make more open and modular storage available while providing space for a large walk-in steam shower and separate vanity space.


Cost:    $225,000

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