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The brief for this project is beautifully simple: Create an addition that we can use all year, that will accommodate lots of family and friends and make it blend with the rest of the house.  This simple project offered some unique and, at times, complicated issues.


After sketching several options, we settled on something fairly traditional but with a bit of whimsy.  The dual fireplaces, one interior the other exterior onto a new patio, became a focal point for the design.  It allowed us to capitalize on some created space at the exterior to enhance the program by using the semi-sheltered exterior space to support the new interior space.  The round turret design with the copper roof add a distinct point of interest to the addition.


As the project unfolded, we were asked to make some found space in the attic over the garage into a hobby room by adding a dormer into the roof.  We also refinished all the exterior wood work and re-roofed the entire house.


Cost:    $250,000

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