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Ballantyne Design Associates LLC


Ballantyne Design Associates LLC is an award-winning design firm, recognized for the quality of its considered design solutions.  Never satisfied with solely addressing the economy of design, we work to exhaust the potential of all the projects we undertake.

Ballantyne Design Associates LLC was established in 1999 by Keith and Christina Ballantyne as an architecture and interior design firm providing services to a wide variety of private, commercial and institutional clients.  Since then they have combined their varied experience and particular areas of expertise and interests to realize architecture and interior projects that reflects their diversity, energy and creativity and that of their clients.

“Architecture is a discipline of circumstance and situation, subject not only to material constraints... but also to functional imperatives that differ radically from building to building. These variables are governed by complex political, social, and historical dynamics, and open to continual revision.”   Stan Allen


Architecture is a complicated enterprise, subject to multifarious influences.  It is the charge of the designer to produce intelligent, creative responses to these myriad issues to affect an outcome that ideally exceeds the expectations of each client.  

We see all of our commissions, regardless of scale or apparent mundanity, as opportunities for the expression of the highest potentiality of architecture.  Small is as important as large!  Intelligent, exhaustive interrogation of the project program is prerequisite to achieving a result sufficient to call any project a success.


Keith ballantyne

Keith is an architect registered in Montana and Washington State.  After taking some time to read and teach at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, he is back to practice his passion and to realize creative solutions that reflect the highest aspirations of his clients.  His particular interests lie in contemporary architecture, architectural technology and in architectural narrative.  He also enjoys cabinet and furniture making as well as photography and foreign travel.


christina ballantyne

Christina Ballantyne is an interior designer with vast experience in interior architecture in both private and commercial applications.  She has executed projects in the United States and United Kingdom.  She also enjoys foreign travel and trying to keep up with her two young sons.

Interior Designer

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