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Launch of new website

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

After several years of limited effort on our webpage, we've finally gotten around to giving it an update.

As seems to be the way, we have tired of our former logo and decided to freshen it by simplifying it a bit. Our new logo makes a slight departure from referencing our founders, leaving a clear acronym, while adding 'architecture' to more directly identify our core discipline.

With this comes a new blog

When developing a website certain things become clear. First, we realize how much better we have to be at documenting our work! We will endeavor to have our projects photographed to better convey the outcome of all our, and our client's, hard work. Second, we realize how dull a site can be when it's just a gallery full of images. We hope to affect that blandness with the occasional blog post. Hopefully it'll be relevant. Hopefully it will be engaging. Hopefully it will be insightful and perhaps even a little entertaining.

Surely, I will write something about the image on this page as time and energy allow. Watch this space, as they say.

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